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About Doon Emporium

Doonemporium is like our baby, growing alongside us over the years. This brand is run by a dynamic couple, husband and wife, who are partners in both life and business. Our attachment to each other extends to our brand, nurturing it with the same love and dedication

Ankita Sahni


Meet our visionary founder, Ankita, a true advocate of slow fashion. She believes that genuine style is rooted in comfort and individuality. Ankita’s philosophy is simple: fashion and trends should always prioritize your comfort. There’s nothing more beautiful than feeling at ease in your own skin. Her dedication to creating comfortable, stylish clothing ensures that you can express your true self effortlessly. When you feel good in what you wear, it shows in your confidence and body language. Join us in celebrating fashion that puts you first.

Ishan Sahni

Co-founder/ Operational Head

Introducing the heart and soul behind our brand’s seamless communication and operations. As the co-founder, he ensures every message is promptly answered, whether it's on Instagram or WhatsApp. His dedication to managing day-to-day activities and his commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled. He values honest feedback and reviews, making sure our brand continuously evolves to meet your needs.